Friday, November 26, 2010

the rainy season

spilled coffee on dirty jeans
cum and Clementine citrus smelling hands and
feet covered in the filth of yesterday
brains juiced and concentrated on the loss of a few
too many times
instances of constant misery
far and distant expanses of sad immeasurable beauty
the terror of sharp mountains
ominous cloud people’s phallic castles
I would like to visit
an emptier world
a bigger forest
your deeper emotion
a real person who understands without speaking
what I mean about this ugly reeking city
someone who wouldn’t trade true life and freedom for the comfort of feeding on civilizations dieing hope
if love is a thing
and life is vibrations I’d let them ring like a brass bell on the open ocean
like a crack of thunder
a gunshot over the bow and under
the island I call home
to roam and plunder the mountains of their fruit and game
would anybody share a dream with me?
could I show you inner sweet blood?
two reflections of the voidness
searching for bliss
can I tell you
what I strive to die for?
what I’d love to live like?
taking you on a long hike up
my desolate spinal steps
would you let me explore where many men have gone before?
cyclic whore mother of earth
ancient songs know not the worthiness of
wrong and right
eternal life and enlightenment are not afraid of loneliness
and I am aware of only one place
I’d rather be alone and its not here on the porch
torching up a fat one
but somewhere nearer to you
blue sky sea
infinite majesty beyond me to
believe in
seeing with closed eyes
the telling darkness and dank smell
of the rainy season

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