Friday, January 28, 2011

waialae+koko head

what of it?
where are you from?
Above me and my shit
looking down?
go round for a while!
twitching like the eyes on a dirty wall
you were rolling up the street like a marble kid
spilling words at the top of the hill
killing time at the price of a bowl between the rocks far
beyond you all
watching the ants busy with nothing
mocking cops speeding past the distant mall
busting other kids of glass
men of the mass movement of motionless garbage disposals
some zombie chick with a muscled bum douche hustler
not a cosmic warrior but a pseudo-psychonaut
who mostly drinks but trips sometimes

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Haitians Burn Seeds Donated by Monsanto

"A fabulous Easter gift," commented Monsanto Director of Development Initiatives Elizabeth Vancil. Nearly 60,000 seed sacks of hybrid corn seeds and other vegetable seeds were donated to post-earthquake Haiti by Monsanto. In observance of World Environment Day, June 4, 2010, roughly 10,000 rural Haitian farmers gathered in Papaye to march seven kilometers to Hinche in celebration of this gift. Upon arrival, these rewarded farmers took their collective Easter baskets of more than 400 tons of vegetable seeds and burned them all.[i] "Long live the native maize seed!" they chanted in unison. "Monsanto's GMO [genetically modified organism] & hybrid seed violate peasant agriculture!"
more at truth-out

Sunday, January 23, 2011

and there is no other

tell them
what was lost
being lost
who we are forgetting
when the past fades behind the sunset
and I become the soil
remind my friends there was once
something worthy of worship in life
artful rhythm in the movement of every day
and the arbitrary moments I saw
each second
tailored to a refinement
I saw beauty as infinite
across the plane
small, but specifically indefinite
my world, right now
unsure but intimate
viewing outside the box like I’m
still a square 1o year old
watching externally
the dressed up delinquents that pass the café window
13 I’m leaving home
into the forest
alone 14 years alone
meeting new states of mind
still trying to find them
define them
confined to walls
15 walking down the line
of returning and
burning back to my island
16 still supposing this must be
a solitary refinery
this must be me
17 psychedelics and music working out
I’m still a loser
but I’m proud of my lacking
of general abilities or social skills
one love
that ends too
because lust corrodes
and love owes nothing to the below
only above
the gods love me
and never punish lightly
so at 18 I still go out nightly to the forest
howling to the moon
kissing sand and stone
this rock is mine
and I am this rock
I belong to her more than anything
and to no one else
I can never really leave
chained down to the ferns and koa leaf
hotel buildings
always going up
and coming down
drowning at the beach
ocean, sewage spewing industrial basalt reef mountain
I love you too
and there is no other
so I’m like sediment
settling for lesser
darker places of greater depth
this is the exchange we make
in all interactions, transactions, and breaths
the exact moment is cut down
to realize
identify the key elements
that build life
I see they are made of the dying
my decomposing body
is fertilizer for the soul to emerge
from this hole on the verge of the worlds
where I wait for you

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Greece: Violence is a Small River: To be with Society is an Ocean

Important lessons from our greek comrades

Monday, January 10, 2011


table impressed on the bare back of the floor
stripped houses, spines exposed on the pavement
blood of the suburbs in bubbly apocalyptic stew
sunburned bricks, pillars of man
in ruins
rubble stacked by post-humans
consuming the leftovers
and building temples for redemption
recycling the nation for a salvation they will never find
the destruction is gone
survivors move on to constructing the psyche
and landscaping the inner realms
clearing off these tattered limbs
prosthetic wings that flew too far
and melted
we must mend our minds
when men became too greedy and drowned
mother earth’s immune system is
cleaning out this virus inside her
inside us still persist
the consumer
destroyer, profiteer, employer, capitalist worshippers of
control and ridged plastic reality
all exist within me
and I must purge
every need that is unnecessary
every piece that cuts into my freedom
is a thorn stuck to my soul
my entire self must remove from the limits of body
and the lust of this filtered perception
turn off the screen
please, for the sake of all life
cut free
choking metal vines and telephone lines
I’m sure life would be fine with a larger degree of freedom
my own private forest and someone for this passion to
share with
to feed on
the sadness of repeating history
maybe I can forget some day
this misery desperation, doom
and my own slavery

her and the heavens

hard steps, vibrations spreading up shocking
water always worries
to the top, not far enough, falling higher
slipping down the range
watching the cliff pass by
this green scenery
miniature trees, green ferns and koa
up and down peaks
ridges curving
I’m not climbing, not hiking anymore
but making love to the mountain
no longer fighting her
every root foothold
she helps me pass
each caressing branch
the laughter of wind
crying out the leaves, whispered jokes
she won’t let me crash down the edge to death
because we can praise the sky together
open our minds to the cloud
must I finally
head back down
with respect to my home
in the morning, leaving her and the heavens temporarily
the gods descended back to life
as we know it, alone
but never forgotten
my lush affair up on the platform to the spirit realm
I can enjoy better this
sick world and its comforts
but I know when I die
I’ll be with her again

living without a brain

worthy pain are you
not a waste of thought?
the rape of faces
a race to finish fucking
what a bummer
living on the edge of an empty pool
swimming over tile
fly for a while to Thailand
in the wild high rainforest
and poppy fields
are you a piece of flesh or a gelatin emotion?
an intellectual conception
conceived years ago
simple organisms in the Petri dish
when I was still in school
a fish without water
a star
the sun within the world
far away from any feeling
like unreeling time film
space projector
just illusions
fourth dimensional god creator
we the people in me
are personally
a collective thought colony
living without a brain

Saturday, January 1, 2011

man you trippin!

stained plastic
that burned white for my personal enjoyment
raining bullets of my own army’s individual deployment of the psychedelic
DMT like scent in the pipe
left over resin
stuck to her cousin
4-hydroxy fungi that went through me like the time I spent thinking of you
a waste
or pile of shit on the mountain
this rerun running down
trickling over the stream of consciousness
your supple mind expanding
collapsing mine over the ages and explosions we all live through
over the hills and struggle
and hobo’s huddled around
the downtown fires
flaming worshipers of a man-god
sacrificial balloon entities floating upward to the
blue, blackness
exacting revenge on a messenger
receiving the chemicals not in anger any longer
but now with meditative apathy
and creative destruction based in sexual eruption
rather then repression
searching for some emotion other then
pressing down on me
a bodyload building presence
stripped down to our
naked essence
oh terrifying awe and electric sun replications
LED creations, toys on MDMA
acid fueled bj’s to induce a new ecstasy
our racy magazines filled with a more colorful filth
called debauchery
the sacrilege of an average city dweller shitting on the acrid ancient village
now too, a pile of shit
a clown car of druggie hipsters
stepping out into the parking lot of the rest of time
the best memories that shine in yellow light
dulled by the hazy purple night that envelopes an undeveloped brain in
your just as much of a consumer
continuing through me, this economic misery and despair
beyond any repair or reform
disarm authority and arm your desires with anarchy
free yourself from the impeding beatings of the police
and release relaxation from the foothills of the capital


you realize
its ruined for the rest of us
but at least you were willing to try
and make better for yourself
trying to take what you want
what I could never do
pushing myself further away from others when
you’re pulling them closer, desperately
holding onto something that’s not there
someone who doesn’t care one way
or the other which direction we go
weathering through a windy ridge with a blue tarp
hermitage, alcohol, starvation
deep isolation
as the future revealed to me in a dream
this beautiful nightmare is waking
but I can’t stop walking away from everything
I ever loved
‘cause they never looked back
or down to me
below sulking underground endlessly
fiendishly fucking up all over again
you do realize it’s the end for me
before anything had a chance to start
solitary refinement
like this solar system confined to the sun
and your body to cement
this is my assignment, life aspiration
to find love within, and adoration alone
content in a bottle
continued through the stoned brain and calcium depleted bones lain
down in the dirt for me in a cross I KNOW
death doesn’t hurt
and my last breath on this earth will be softly spoken
like a prayer
a gasp of
lungs filled with
blood should be enough to kill the spirit
flood the membranes
of a loving loner, lost in the mountain
hopeless poet, drunk on his own words
laughing at his jokes
choking on my own fluid