Sunday, November 14, 2010

warriors against the all nations

I don’t ask why
when I prepare for the worse
the downfalls always better if I’m expecting disaster
until someday we blow up
the explosion is bigger than the device
I couldn’t escape and the water came in at night
we drowned in our sleep knowing
only assumptions and lies
all the unturned pages that don’t matter when you die
when consciousness deteriorates
the body is finite and death
oh void
an extension of life’s unbounded light!
let me lay in rest
as a body in the snow
or a being in a glowing cloud
some vapor organism that a wood smoke spirit could live in, truly
our heaven is divided by the doors of are perceptual limitations
the very core of our conscious is capable of unconstrained creation
but our relations with each other die too
losing our love of the land that bore us shelter, food and all aspects of us as we are
this young fucking generation would rather have smart-phones and cars
but what I see
lies and illusion
a mass of army ants at a drunken picnic of the gods
is it really happening to me?
incestuous infestations of breadsticks, buildings and filing cabinets falling onto the pavement from above the flooding streets and all you and I can think is
what will we eat when the industry destroys natures cornucopia
and when we destroy the industrial system in it self
or on its own
these things have a shelf life you know
and the date on aunt civ's soup is past due
grandma please avoid future greed poisoned stew
throw away the few that rule the many
sabotage commercialism till the mountains are plenty with
forest to forage
sing till the fish come back
of a place where there once lived a peaceful people
and love without thought or hesitation
when they whisper in the tunnels
“we are transcendental warriors against all nations”

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