Tuesday, November 23, 2010

druggy ho extraction

oh craving, goddess
in the godless blackness of the underground
my loving stench never mentioned above
never spoken a word
or broken the silence with this
if it is anything like that to
fuck a hole in the ground without making
a sound in the hard cement chamber beneath all the
asian hipsters with iphones
and grandmas driving
this painful machine of desperation
with the heater on higgghhh
if ever an enemy of mine than that
sick hopeless feeling to make an innocent boy
rape himself in his head and
other places
to breathe in and inject in
different orifices
oh open lips and warm skinned
wet within, sinful sisters
and druggie ho’s
everywhere we are surrounded by pretty faces and brains compounded
with raining alkaloid tears
take me away and then add some
hot solvent
evaporate my fears for that
crystal clear kind of mind
I guess just
take care of yourself
when your out using
some dude for his stash and car
whatever parking lot
you let him grope you in the dark while he takes a hit
a shot
a chance
all for the lost romance of a thought

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