Sunday, November 7, 2010

druggy wishing

all of them in the animals belly
just red gummy bears in orchards of apple pie and
ice dreams
crack dens
broken seams in jizzed on jeans
other holes in places
unseen pictures
in our high fucking heads
and in dead peoples embalming elixirs
the whole social nature of a creature based in
violent pornography
still isn’t good enough for them
and is still kind of weird for me when my eyes are closed and I’m touching you under the covers of your eyelids
keeping my cornea warm too
its images will never forget us
and a lonely mind wont let me forget you
I know it’s a cheap rhyme
it’s a cliché tune and square shaped rhythm that I’m giving
but its desperately true
and annoyingly familiar
like all those stoner jokes
they can’t even get me now that I’m
choking on smoky laughter after the fact of living like this is realized
a disaster
come on
then off
come down
it all happens faster then my eyes will see
a momentary movie about our fucking fantastic misery
a quick photograph of the future
its in black and white like now but mostly
voided distortion
and druggy wishing
scheming memes and grow op plans
we’ll still never grow up
cold and alone but I’ll cry from above my home
dark children of ash and bloodshot eyes,
do you understand me?

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