Sunday, November 7, 2010

a neccesary evil

As with any title I have ever made, the namesake for this blog was a carelessly ripped line from my list of poetry sketches and is totally meaningless and irrelevant for everything thats written here, however I'll put it up since I axed my facebook, which was its usual resting place...

he was spacing out
like into space, you know?
far, far out
in my own thoughts
I was creeping
he was kneeling by the creek
walking over this bridge, trail
a forest green
filtered sunlight and hazy rainbow
you smell like ferns
and I sweat
and coffee
he tries not to be self-conscious
but so becomes
we're in this moving coma together
turn the TV off
and let go of you
got to distance us
don’t get stuck
in the muddy pit of your
eye's hazel orbs
absorb my inner voice
the coyotes cries with the moon
and our fences wont keep them out
off the lambs
my tasty young
boy by the pond fishing
that was so long ago
its funny how bored echoes
resonate so strong later on
here now I’d rather be there
but where I am is the best for me
am I fucking myself too much
am I, as they say
throwing my life away
to where is that
death we're all headed
to life I am still leaving
avoiding like an annoying old friend or
my creepy neighbor
no there’s no god
or savior for the thought criminals
radical rebels and land fish
breathe in tanks of seawater man
for the sake of us all
regurgitate your empty meals
your empty life kills our dreams
when we're told so often to
“wake up”
to get “realistic”
I am realistic
in a surrealist way I’m quite the practical dreamer
not an “idealist”
there is no ideal world
only one less lonely
less hungry and more beautiful
I strive but to decompose alive for your gardens
rotting with grass cuttings and vegan feces
with my shitty poems fertilize soon too
my body for you Earth Mother
great Gaia I present she the goddess of all
charcoal from the fire
and leaves from the fall

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