Sunday, November 7, 2010

Phish Pharmacopeia

Amazing list of substances found at recent Phish show bust.
Judging from the smorgasbord of drugs confiscated over the weekend, Atlantic City Police could hang a sign on their evidence locker that reads:
Phish Pharmacopeia.

The Grateful Dead-inspired jam band played Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Halloween) in "America's Playground," and authorities, including immigration/customs agents and members of the county prosecutor's office, collected everything from magic mushrooms and acid to the anesthetic ketamine and prescription pills.

They even seized Rice Krispies Treats with cannabis.

Enough to create an illustrated field guide to meds and mind-altering substances.

Arrested were 63 men and women from 15 states, plus one Philadelphia 15-year-old who allegedly resisted arrest after distributing nitrous oxide. Most of the accused were given summonses for possession and released. A detective "assaulted with nitrous oxide" while making two arrests was treated and released from a hospital, and a captain's hand was injured as he tried to subdue a male suspect, according to the police news release.

Here's the list of drugs gathered by A.C. police:

- 70 nitrous oxide tanks.
- 551.2 grams (19.4 oz.) marijuana.
- 4 marijuana-laced brownies.
- 16 marijuana-laced Rice Krispies Treats.
- 66 marijuana-laced cookies.
- 134.9 grams (4.8 oz.) psilocybin mushrooms.
- 22 doses of ketamine.
- 34.3 grams (1.2 oz.) of Ecstasy (MDMA powder form, a.k.a Molly).
- 60 pills of Ecstasy.
- 30.7 grams (1.1 oz.) cocaine.
- 2.2 grams (0.1 oz) heroin.
- 395 hits of LSD.
- 21 LSD-laced cookies.
- 26 Oxycodone pills.

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