Saturday, January 1, 2011

man you trippin!

stained plastic
that burned white for my personal enjoyment
raining bullets of my own army’s individual deployment of the psychedelic
DMT like scent in the pipe
left over resin
stuck to her cousin
4-hydroxy fungi that went through me like the time I spent thinking of you
a waste
or pile of shit on the mountain
this rerun running down
trickling over the stream of consciousness
your supple mind expanding
collapsing mine over the ages and explosions we all live through
over the hills and struggle
and hobo’s huddled around
the downtown fires
flaming worshipers of a man-god
sacrificial balloon entities floating upward to the
blue, blackness
exacting revenge on a messenger
receiving the chemicals not in anger any longer
but now with meditative apathy
and creative destruction based in sexual eruption
rather then repression
searching for some emotion other then
pressing down on me
a bodyload building presence
stripped down to our
naked essence
oh terrifying awe and electric sun replications
LED creations, toys on MDMA
acid fueled bj’s to induce a new ecstasy
our racy magazines filled with a more colorful filth
called debauchery
the sacrilege of an average city dweller shitting on the acrid ancient village
now too, a pile of shit
a clown car of druggie hipsters
stepping out into the parking lot of the rest of time
the best memories that shine in yellow light
dulled by the hazy purple night that envelopes an undeveloped brain in
your just as much of a consumer
continuing through me, this economic misery and despair
beyond any repair or reform
disarm authority and arm your desires with anarchy
free yourself from the impeding beatings of the police
and release relaxation from the foothills of the capital

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