Monday, January 10, 2011


table impressed on the bare back of the floor
stripped houses, spines exposed on the pavement
blood of the suburbs in bubbly apocalyptic stew
sunburned bricks, pillars of man
in ruins
rubble stacked by post-humans
consuming the leftovers
and building temples for redemption
recycling the nation for a salvation they will never find
the destruction is gone
survivors move on to constructing the psyche
and landscaping the inner realms
clearing off these tattered limbs
prosthetic wings that flew too far
and melted
we must mend our minds
when men became too greedy and drowned
mother earth’s immune system is
cleaning out this virus inside her
inside us still persist
the consumer
destroyer, profiteer, employer, capitalist worshippers of
control and ridged plastic reality
all exist within me
and I must purge
every need that is unnecessary
every piece that cuts into my freedom
is a thorn stuck to my soul
my entire self must remove from the limits of body
and the lust of this filtered perception
turn off the screen
please, for the sake of all life
cut free
choking metal vines and telephone lines
I’m sure life would be fine with a larger degree of freedom
my own private forest and someone for this passion to
share with
to feed on
the sadness of repeating history
maybe I can forget some day
this misery desperation, doom
and my own slavery

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