Monday, January 10, 2011

her and the heavens

hard steps, vibrations spreading up shocking
water always worries
to the top, not far enough, falling higher
slipping down the range
watching the cliff pass by
this green scenery
miniature trees, green ferns and koa
up and down peaks
ridges curving
I’m not climbing, not hiking anymore
but making love to the mountain
no longer fighting her
every root foothold
she helps me pass
each caressing branch
the laughter of wind
crying out the leaves, whispered jokes
she won’t let me crash down the edge to death
because we can praise the sky together
open our minds to the cloud
must I finally
head back down
with respect to my home
in the morning, leaving her and the heavens temporarily
the gods descended back to life
as we know it, alone
but never forgotten
my lush affair up on the platform to the spirit realm
I can enjoy better this
sick world and its comforts
but I know when I die
I’ll be with her again

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