Wednesday, December 29, 2010

mo'ili'ili twenty ten

a cool night-bloody orgy
blue light
carnal, red-fountains of love-fluid
cries of excess-passion-screaming agony
release-remised-remission-a tease
no longer than your finger
tugging my hair
pulling me in through the airless room
around you
the night-drunken-blurred
fighting-dramatics and biting lovers
strangers-you two
me and him
all lusting for the same thing-person-girl
ghost. I think I feel the most desperately hopeless
in the moistness of my eyes
in the warmth of her words
this damp hole in the ground
terror-doom-eternal emptiness in the caress of deaths greeting
our last chanceless meeting
fleeting glance at my impossible-dream-gleaming sword of the truth-what a joke
life’s a lie
revealed, impressionist illusions-ahhh course haired-grass-rotten path
earthy laughter of my massive brother
my lingering growth
lungs filled with stunned gillnet-hooks
cooked like Tess's salmon
probably the best seafood ever
other then in pictures and books
techno-color-plastic covered coral and yellow-black-angelfish
forever bumming a ride
strumming these rusty strings
banging a tired hide with my roughened bare hands
severing the hair-bands of my spiritual-tail
hopefully these words telling all possible
for simple symbols to convey (to you)
clearer skinned skies and my reddened orbs dry
and itchy
why do I absorb depression and attract dysfunctional children?
my nunchaku lesson-a blessing-an eighth-an exchange
of faith-for the faithless reverends
beat master-bike builder-ninja skilled nerd-skater
stoned warrior-armed to the teeth with glass
serotonin ronin-roaming the townhood all, altered
mind like the changing seasons, his summer filled with sun, spring-guns-winter-cold hand holding teenagers desperately grasping for warmth even though its 80 degrees
in Honolulu

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