Friday, December 24, 2010

eyes at the junction

fixed on eyes
waning, waxen vixen
seduction, manipulation, stimulate
growing profit in erections
new phalluses on the block
oh ever turning cock-sucking town
and metro clock
I am a product of your disease
a rat of your gutter
and a child of your mother
my home, down below
every wet roaming day where
no one goes
don’t slip, or tip my foes
don’t stub your toes
I’ll make some toast and show you the sights
we’ll feast on the beasts of darkness
and worship our pale new gods
fluorescent light
oh neon prophet brother!
oh gaseous fuming junker, japanese car maker
and speeding kids on E
elementary psychedelic practice with a high acidity
just a dropout with a vial dropping
only to hold me, dilation lonely
loveless nation of hedonist
and neo-Buddhist nihilist
we’re heathens holding on to
a way older then this
I walk to sacrifice myself
on a path of love
at the junction

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