Sunday, December 26, 2010

ancestry, incestry,

I am a perfect Asian man
drinking my tea on a bamboo table
I’m watching the rain wash old ways away
eroding Eros
growing greenhouse gases
diluted oceans spiked with sewage and plastic
I am a simple minded American
with my coffee and blank stare
a native of the continent
with stoic eyes, searching for a god that’s not there
I am an Irish immigrant with my pale skin and
generational poverty
a French baron in a wagon wheelin’ to the northwest I am
an Apache warrior
a confederate soldier and
a Japanese farmer
my blood has converged the world over
the axis of migrating sex and oppression but
wherever cut I’ve bled into the land that birthed me
underneath we’re all red and blue
our eyes are hues of illusion
shifting back to
a simpler fiction, and a less conflicting beverage to be sipped in my
humid Hawaiian home

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