Monday, February 7, 2011

nothing to hold

sound oscillations permanent metal air

conditioned mental hospital hair

observations on old folks

tired tantrum attacks

walkers in the snowy eyes

of grandchildren

one way mirror to a

clear eyed god

a law abiding citizen

turning inside out for the king

bending over sideways

as the instructor stretches her purple spandex

leading the man upstairs


via mechanical chair

large bosom

Philipino nurse

checking my temp

forcing down meds

feeding my head with her sweet lies

how I won’t die tomorrow

slowly everyday

each hour is pain

beyond relief I

sleep two hours a night because

I don’t believe in dreams anymore

they don’t visit me

much like my children and the rest of them

family ties are strong as

my eyesight

I know death is bliss thinking

too much

I remember how you

kissed in the dark

and now in the evanescent morphine body buzz

fleeting high of happiness

as I drift off

dizzy smelling disinfectant and scented candles somehow

there is no longer an I or me

or you

nothing to hold but the infinite



that we truly are

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