Wednesday, February 23, 2011


lovely sauce liquid

dancing soles


tossed down to the below

underground echo of

voiceless pipes

the gutter don’t flow

in the summer I go where the mud dries

to redden my eyes

ready my soul for oblivion

shred the self to tattered bits

leave the parts I don’t need in it

piles of shit


from archaic monkey tribes

who’s greed halted evolution

they believed in an answer

like us

where there is none

no solution but the question ritual psychic


one salutation to the sun we worship

the light because it

gives us life

and sight

matter in the dark plane devoid of inhabitants

the same gods can take this gift

swiftly as it takes to blind

the naïve we return to

divination searching for

what I never had anyways and

grieving my losses

oh lovely lost spirit

I so carelessly

left aside

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