Thursday, February 3, 2011


frightened by dust and echoes

paranoia settling beneath silky smooth


these memory

foam impressions I had

just ideas that reoccurred

as apparitions on the edge of my eye

opening the head with a

pickaxe like tool

sometimes right through the socket

I tried to run away from them

but their smoke followed

as I exhaled white ghosts

flying with me past


yellowing the blackness in this lighting age



disease! oh sickening thoughts!

life broken down

to her core

isn’t worth it to a dead man camera

angles falling

shaking at the gun

pointed downwards to him

images like this

flashing bulb

light house memories

warnings of steep tragedy and rocky

shallow reefer


I know

I’m getting ridiculously closer to


but further from the trail

losing track of time

the path is

slipping away

till I cant find you anymore

and I’ve nothing to answer

or say to you anyways

sweet mirror

balled face

forgetting I’ll never be free of

you dear vibrating

echoing memory of this place

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