Friday, October 22, 2010

a washing song

I wanna see you

without anyone else

around to bother me

without their sad attempts at humor that

smother us in fake laughter

I wanna see her

with all her walls down

the raw naked soul

and body too

wishing I could share the despair with a like

minded friend

someone who smells the rain on air

somebody who hugs trees

and worships clouds too

oh heavenly fern covered ridge

come down vapor gods

open the fridge at 3 am

but don’t let out perception

I wanna love someone who

hates authority and dreams of insurrection

every night

despite my hungering I am still

seeking nothing

my life is comprised of doing laundry

dreaming and smoking

tomorrow is endless

today we’re all clich├ęs

I think its time to put you in the dryer

and drift away again

for another spin

the hours long when you slow down the song to a

transcendental drone

don’t get the dirt in

and I wont let the hurt hit home

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