Wednesday, October 27, 2010

ghost train

dull yellow shadows and pale static
ghosts or just peripheral apparitions
illusions due to light and eye movement
or spirits wandering
energy watching, waiting
floating in the corner of my vision
faces in the window
reflections not in the bathroom but flashing past the mirror
all my questions are quiet
as the lies become clearer
no truth revealed just a veil pulled back like a foreskin
oh godless darkness is the night
so lonely forever?
every session of forgotten dreams follow
the hollow thoughts and lust of laying in bed
staring at the after images in the drywall
my fake emotions melt in salty dribbles before sleep
still watching us
always just
a breath around the corner
stalking like the wind hunts distant voices
talking closer to the point
taking a young boy to a
rotting wooden dock in a dark northwestern cove
chimney smoke log cabin fever
memories and visions later
all my senses are dreams half remembered or
dead words never spoken
in this reality, a trip
this love is a state of my mind
at least temporarily mine until rationale finds the time
to end beautiful destructions of fire
with her face through a fence
silhouetted on barbed wire mountains

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