Wednesday, October 20, 2010

till the trees grow back through swimming pools

my neighbor on a ladder

says he’s painting

lives above my garage

he’s always masturbating


horrifying moaning

torments me and I torture him with loud psychedelic music

and doom metal

haha fucker!

watering the lawn in the middle of the day

hey were trying to smoke this bong

I cant have privacy in my own back yard?

I half hope he falls down on the driveway

hard and down the stairs to the street

that creepy man gone

I would still be oppressed

slightly more free yet depressed about


I still got these fuckers that live with me

that yell and bother, harassing and asking my whereabouts

I don’t really care about leaving them here

if its soon

but I got to hurry

the bowls cherry and vision blurry were swerving to the


when I black out walking to the kitchen

or I’m dreaming in the hallway

in love with sleep

wherever on a mountain mushroom farming

or skating down the street

we travel lightly seeking

ancient cycles

daily knowledge and sacred bondage with her

eternal goddess

climb up into the wilderness with me and ditch

our dead mother-society

look at them down there in the city

we’ll turn the world downside up

till the trees grow back through swimming pools

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