Tuesday, March 1, 2011


have you ever swam

through pillowed dreams

like this

resting on me

so that we can both

breathe love

easily embrace the insides of our

spines and

find the climbing ferns

intertwining around

pillars of your kind


face me naked

stripped of mask

and worn illusion

I’ve been craving your rusted beauty

beneath the paint

do you sometimes think

of being purified

by blood and lust

have you imagined

green forest palaces that fill a hazy air

with our own thickened


if I whispered it into your ear

would you pull away from


soft warmth

of my breath’s wool

even in

frigid weather

walking hours on vapor secrets

and told jokes dissipating

like my bleak eyes' dark holes

deepen the brown dirt

disintegrating lies in salt water

can you taste it

my sour expression realizing the impossibility

that you would take me for what I wish

in this undressing

disrobing the fertile valleys scent

cleanse my moist stressed


if only I could say what’s

clouding my mind

the torture

without feeling human for

someone’s skin

and seeing every moment with lids weighed down

your picture hidden

hung low and

disfigured within

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