Wednesday, January 25, 2012

flag dress

patchwork in the fabric
of this outer layer
stiffness in my bleeding fingers
the bus rolls on
stone dark
cold, calm
in my machine state
following the process
within movement
this motion
feeling lost and found in the traffic
screaming ocean
singing prophecy
tried again, moved back
you didn't see my other end
know my deeper black humor, superficial impulse
and anger
bring warmth with your light
heal the wounded friend beneath
uncovering in shallow upper stream bank
walk to the rocky beach of my dreams
in the hills, far from living memory
this feeling dwells
my caution dies
finally justice is killed
the empire gutted
back on my island
adventures over, dead field, road closure
still each moment
takes so long
to caress my pillowed love, fuck living
stop driving
and ride off into our own
sea of tears
standing on the docks
the wind seizing salt off my face
onto yours
the taste brings tomorrow alone
to a hymn
then the excitement returns
when I see you
in cloth once again

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